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A must-have for the individual who owns farmland or plans on buying farmland. Written twice per month, this six-page publication helps you improve your knowledge of trends inland values, cash rents, policy and return of your land investments.

Get key moves to protect your rights as a land owner, plus, you'll receive insight into practical ways to handle land ownership transfer from one generation to the next. A "must have" resource for both operating farmers and landlords.

Subscribers to LandOwner Newsletter also receive Pro Farmer's Annual Land Report ($119 value) included with their subscription.

Benefits of Reading LandOwner Newsletterlandowner-newsletter-image

  • Be able to monitor the value of farmland you own or are preparing to purchase through the regular updates in LandOwner.
  • Track trends in cash rents in your area through LandOwner's survey of cash rent trends.
  • Know the financial impact on the value of your farmland of changes in farm policy.
  • Understand the cash-generating capability of your farmland throughLandOwner's updates on corn, soybean and wheat price trends.
  • Measure the relative return of your farmland investment versus other investment options such as stocks, bonds and precious metals.
  • Stay ahead of key changes and opportunities in tax laws and estate tax laws that impact land ownership.

Easy To Read Format: Six pages, published twice each month.

  • Pages 1-3: News alerts, analysis and insights on key trends in the economy, Washington policy, ag markets, farm land prices, cash rents, ownership transfer, and interesting farmland sales.
  • Page 4: Lists recent farmland sales.
  • Pages 5-6: Covers price trends in corn, soybeans and wheat - the underlying generators of cash for farmland.

About The Editor

Mike_Walsten_professional_2013Mike Walsten has covered major business trends in agriculture for more than 35 years. From the southern corn leaf blight of 1970 to today's biofuels focus, he''s lived, reported and analyzed the impact of volatile markets on farm and ranch businesses and on land prices. After growing up on a grain and livestock farm in Western Illinois, Mike graduated from the University of Illinois with an undergraduate degree in agriculture communications and a master''s degree in business administration in the early 1970s. Since then he''s covered business and management issues as well as price outlook and marketing issues in various positions with Farm Journal Magazine and Professional Farmers of America. He now applies his extensive background and analytical skills to today's surprising farm and ranch market as editor of LandOwner.

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