$11,000 per acre Near Peoria, Illinois

A 204-acre offering saw two tracts totaling 54 acres sell for $11,000 an acre. The farm was located southwest of Peoria near Hanna City in Peoria County. Tract 1 of 20 acres had development potential as it bordered property already zone R-1 residential and B-4 light industrial & commercial use by the Village of Hanna City. It had 19 acres of NHEL and carried a soil PI of 121.5 with 147 equal to 147.

Tract 2 also brought $11,000 an acre. It featured 34 acres with 32 acres tillable, of which 18 acres were NHEL. It had a PI of 114.7.

Tract 3: 29 acres, 18 acres of NHEL cropland and a PI of 116. Balance of the trace was in timber with a small pond. It sold for $4,600 an acre.

Tract 4: 30.5 acres with the majority of the tract in mature hardwoods. It sold for $4,600 an acre.

Tract 5: 47 acres with 25.5 acres of cropland (11 acres NHEL) and a PI of 115.4. It sold for $9,600 and acre. Balance of the tract was timber and a pond. It borders property already zone B-4.

Tract 6 23 acres all but 4 acres in timber. It sold for $4,500 an acre.

The country home sold for $130,000 total.

Tract 8: Former seed building and 19 acres, all NHEL cropland with a PI of 135.5. It sold for $13,500 an acre.

Managing the auction was Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, Hamilton, Ill., 844-847-2161.