$1,800 an acre for Quality Cropland in South Central North Dakota

A single buyer was the winning bidder on four separate tracts of North Dakota cropland. The auction of 727 acres west of Raleigh in Grant County occurred Sept. 24.

Tract 1 consisting of 160 gross acres had 156 acres of cropland and a weighted average soil Productivity Index (PI) of 76.4 with 100 being maximum. It sold for $1,800 per acre.

Tract 2, located across the road, was also 160 acres but with only 23 acres of cropland. It's soild PI was 81 on those 23 acres. The remainder was pasture. It sold for $1,400 an acre.

Tract 3, located a mile or so south from tracts 1 and 2, offered a total of 246 acres, 105 of which are cropland and the remainder pasture. The cropland carries a soil PI of 80.6. The property is on the east side of the Raleigh Reservoir Recreation Area. It sold for $1,400 an acre.

Tract 4, located across the road from Tract 3, offered 160 acres with 134 acres of cropland. The soil PI on this ground was 58.4. The remaining acres consisted of pasture and an olf farmstead. It sold for $1,400 an acre.

Handling the auction was Bob Pifer, Pifer's Auction & Realty, Moorhead, Minn., 877-700-4099.